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As the field of computer animation continues to grow, the demand for skilled and talented animators will continue to increase.

Are you artistic and creative? While these are important qualities to have, you need the proper formal education in order to succeed as an animator.

Young students going to classTo work in the field of animation, you need sound technical skills in addition to talent. Most animation is now produced using sophisticated animation software. Even animation that is not produced using 3D software is usually computer rendered. To gain the skills that you need to succeed, you need to attend a good animation school and develop your skills.

When you take animation classes, you will learn not only about software, but also about anatomy, color, and design. The best courses will help you develop your skills as an artist while also teaching you to use the industry leading software. You will learn how to draw story boards, but also how the human body moves and how to draw it, and how different colors interact.

To succeed as an animator, you need to learn how to model characters and environments in a 3D environment. You will learn how different rendering engines work, and how to create animation sequences.

Once you have the proper education the opportunities available to you as an animator will be numerous and rewarding. Some graduates go to work at an advertising agency producing commercials or at a television network helping to produce animated shows for television. The ultimate goal for many animation students is to work at a major studio helping to create full length feature films.

Skilled animators are in a field of entertainment and advertising that will always be in high demand. You would be hard pressed today to find a feature film that doesn't make use of at lease some animated sequences. The same can be said about many commercials and televisions shows as well.

If you are an artistic person then choosing to pursue a career in animation could be the right choice for you. But you need more than talent and desire. You need a formal education to go with your talent and desire. You can get that when you choose to enroll at one of the better animation schools. You should research the various schools that are available and find one that will help you to achieve your dreams.

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